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Traditional British Food

Category: Culture

What can you eat in the UK? The UK has a wide variety of food, restaurants and markets. In recent years, there are so many different types of food, we are spoilt for choice! British people can eat traditonal food or they can try many different e ....


Why do the English love their pets

Category: Culture

A Nation of Pet Lovers: The English have a reputation for being a Nation of pet lovers. More than 50% of British people own a pet. The most popular household pet is the goldfish. There are over 18 million goldfish kept as pets. Cats and dogs are ....


London's Most Famous Attraction: Big Ben

Category: Culture

What is 'Big Ben'? Big Ben is one of London's most notable attractions. It is in the heart of London, surrounded by plenty of other famous attractions. So why is Big Ben famous? Perhaps, it is because the Big Ben is a clock tower tha ....


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Episode 5) Winter Clothes in the UK

Watch our video English lesson! This video is about Winter clothes in the UK. What do you ....

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Episode 4) The January Sales

Watch our video English lesson! It is about the January Sales? Do you have shop sales in Januar ....

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Episode 3) The January Blues

Watch our video English lesson! This video is about the English saying "The January Blues" ....

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Episode 2) How to Say Dates

Watch our video English lesson! it is about 'How to say dates'. Have you ever been conf ....

Video Post
Episode 1) News Year's Resolutions

Watch our video English Lesson! It is about New Year's Resolutions. Why do people make New ....

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